Ian interview (video!) and shipping to HK for just $12.85

Here’s Ian discussing his busy day.

Rico’s been sick, so I should give him a break. (Plus, I think this is technically during his lunch hour.)

Finally, clothes. Turns out the office is more jeans & flip-flops than I guessed. And while I will not be wearing flip-flops to work, I wish I’d brought some jeans. I gave Zara and H&M my best shot – waited in a dressing room line for 15 minutes at Zara and H&M didn’t have my size of the ones I liked.

I’d kill for the already-bought, fit-great jeans I’ve got at my sister’s in Austin. Kill! (But something small like a mosquito who’s already biting me…) But not pay $50. Shipping ANYTHING other than a flat letter to Hong Kong costs $50. Seriously.

But!! Remember my new friend, Matt? He had to go home to Chicago for some of his things (a roundtrip flight was about a hundred times cheaper than shipping about 50 pounds.) And he offered to bring back my jeans if Evelyn got them to him! Yay, jeans! Then “jeans” turned into jeans, 2 pair of shoes, and some contacts…

Shipping to Hong Kong on the cheap in 3 easy steps:

And?! I got my jeans! (And my flats, my Converses, my contacts and these Kind bars my sister felt I should have.) Thanks Evelyn, Chelsea and Matt!!! I know what I’m wearing to work tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Ian interview (video!) and shipping to HK for just $12.85

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