Leisurely lunch before being swept away in an episode-inducing sea of people. (video!)

This is Wes and Matt. We 3 just met today via this expat site. Wes (on the left) has been here in HK for 4 years, is married to a HK gal with a baby on the way, and goes a little bonkers sometimes being surrounded by only Chinese people. (His wife has like, 5 sisters.) I asked if his in-laws live here in HK and he said, “Oh yeah.” Sounds like he gets a lot of quality family time.


Matt (on the right) actually got here the same day I did, works in packaging and is here indefinitely. We had some lunch then walked around Causeway Bay, which proved to be a big mistake. It was horrible. I’ve never been around that many people in my life. We couldn’t get away from them. They sprawled for probably-miles in every direction. It was some kind of political protest and it gave me a headache. I’m sure we waded through that Human Sea for an hour or two.

Seriously, it was the worst. Here’s some video I shot and put under a Radiohead song.

UPDATE: Matt found out they were protesting Beijing requiring schools in HK to teach Chinese patriotic courses. Take that, Beijing! Keep your Chinese patriotic courses to yehself!

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