Friday evening: Haitham and Jody from Scotland.

After 2 weeks, I’m really feeling short on clothes – wish I’d brought more casual and less biz-casual with me, since it’s clearly a flip-flops and jeans office. (I’ve gotta get a pic of our Chinese intern from SF who wears short shorts and platform wedges almost every day!)

After work Friday, I thought I was headed toward the shopping area (where they’ve got an H&M), but I got turned around and ended up back near my hotel. It was starting to rain, so I decided to just call it a day. But then I met Haitham and Jody in my elevator and they were headed to the famous HK outdoor escalators (which I hadn’t been to yet) so I invited myself.

They’re friends from Scotland, but Jody’s about to start his 5th year teaching English in Japan. I only knew them for a couple hours – they left today to go on to Korea or Chingada or someplace – but they were really cool and Haitham just sent me a really thoughtful email. (I told him about some bs going on at work I need to tell you about…)

After the escalators they headed back to the hotel and I stayed out to do that shopping I’d meant to do earlier (Didn’t find anything, btw.) Here we are:


And here are the escalators. I took this off the internet, since I was too busy runnin’ my mouth with those two to get any pics of my own. In the mornings the escalators run downhill (from halfway up Victoria Peak to Central) and in the evening they run uphill for people going home. That’s what I learned today.


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