Finally made it to my hotel, thanks to a supervisor with cash in his wallet.

You’d think a place called “central” would have money exchange, but no. So I had no HK cash to pay for a cash-only taxi to my hotel.

Over the past few weeks, every time I’ve asked for basic instructions coming from the airport, Charles has told me to “relax”, not to worry, that everything “is in the hand”, that I’d be picked up, and even told me I’d be “treated as a princess” – which I found off-putting, but whatever. Thankfully I didn’t believe him and had my hotel address printed out. Just no HK cash.

So I pretty much parked myself at the information desk at “central” (where the Airport Express Train ended) until a supervisor finally offered me $5 worth of HK dollars from his own wallet for a five-dollar bill I had. Then he goes, “You have dinner?” I said no, and he gave me a sandwich. I must have my “pitiful” look down.

As it turns out, US$5 is plenty to get from “central” to my hotel. Full review on the sandwich later. I’m off to exchange cash. And get a power adapter. And hopefully not choke anyone. (This update brought to you by almost 4 hours remaining on my laptop battery.)

Here’s a stock photo of the Hong Kong airport. It was basically as I expected: clean, efficient, huge.


3 thoughts on “Finally made it to my hotel, thanks to a supervisor with cash in his wallet.

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