Gear / Luggage: How I decided on my Eagle Creek bag.

I love the idea of light, “one bag” travel and over the past few months, have enjoyed blogs dedicated to carry-on-only travel like 1bag1world and especially I was almost sold on the Red Oxx “Air Boss”, but eventually concluded that a packed-mostly-full Air Boss would just be too heavy to have hanging on one side of my 120-something pound body.

I decided I wanted a large backpack with a waist strap, still within carryon dimensions. The Eagle Creek Rincon Vita 65L fit the bill, especially since it’s designed to best fit women’s dimensions.

It’s two-backpacks-in-one, which is perfect, as I was needing a new backpack for snowboarding as well. (The small one will be perfect for extra gloves, hats, snacks, water, etc.) For the trip, these two bags will be my carry-ons:

Alas, I couldn’t manage with these two bags alone and will be checking my usual carry-on, this basic Samsonite roll-aboard I got from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. (Why don’t those stores just merge; they are the friggin same.)

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