Last day at the ol’ parents’.

Parents get back from Minnesota tonight. It’s been a sometimes-relaxing 3.5 days here in Central Texas filled with:


Because of my enviable time management skills, I also made time for:


and got their reactions to my upcoming move across the Pacific. From left to right:


No, Angela. There are no toilets. But they’ve got plenty of ditches. Gets a little dodgy when it rains, but you get used to it.

Actually, I’m just assuming they have toilets; it’s not something that occurs to me. I guess it’s possible that Angela gets the last laugh. I can hear her now, “I knew it! I had a feeling there were no toilets! Listen to me next time, hoe!”

One thought on “Last day at the ol’ parents’.

  1. Hong kong thats not even real China it’s a bunch of lymies on holiday, skirting taxes I betcha!! HK is pretty nice or so it seems on house hunters international!!!!

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