“Why Hong Kong?!”

You’d think I’d be used to this question, as many times as I’ve gotten it. There’s no single, easy-to-articulate reason why I’m going to HK, other than because I want to. But that’s a cop-out, so I’ll try a top 5 reasons list.

1. To find out what it’s like.

I’ve never been to HK and know almost nothing about it. It’s about the size of NYC, but British. And Asian. I figure the worst-case scenario is that I’ll hate it and leave. (But at least then I’ll know what it’s like.)

2. I want to be overseas.

In the past few years I’ve felt a little under-stimulated here in the US (“the bubble”.) Of course, I could exert some effort and tailor my stateside existence to be less vapid and media-saturated, but why not just cross a pond?

3. I want to still work in advertising.

This shortens the overseas list a bit. I would just as happily go to South America or Europe. It just feels like a good time to be in Asia; hard to articulate why. Just an outsider’s impression.

4. Career.

I figure I’ll work in HK for awhile and see what it leads to. I mean, it can’t work against me, right? (Cue Lundberg’s voice from Office Space), “Ummm yeah… I see here you worked in Hong Kooong…hm, we’re going to have to pass on you for this position. We’re actually looking for someone who hasn’t worked in Hong Kong…”

5. Food

I actually know nothing about HK food, I just wanted a 5th reason for the list. I assume the people there eat something, right? Surely it’s not all bad.

So “why HK?” I don’t know; why th’ hell not?! I’ll be dead in 75 years, may as well know what Hong Kong is like. Plus, people who’ve been there seem to like it.

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