9 thoughts on “How I got to HK

    • Short version: NYC creative director connected me with some dudes in HK he knows. We skyped. They gave me a job. Now I’m in HK.

      • Ah, good. I don’t see myself as a “gusher” or a hater, but somewhere in between. The main purpose of my blog is to give friends back home a firsthand account of a few locales from someone they know, as opposed to the drama-queen US media machine. Thanks for stopping by. Until what age were you in HK (and where did you live?)

    • I find HK challenging. As a Westerner, I have “space issues” among others. But I like the challenge of living someplace difficult. I’ve been in Vietnam now for 2 months, but back to HK next week to see about a job.

      • I never got a chance to go to Vietnam, I heard it’s an amazing place.
        Hope you get the job in HK, it’s been 11 years since I left and I really miss it. (The sad thing is that when I was living there I practically hated it and couldn’t wait to leave )

      • I dunno, “amazing” sounds like a “gusher” to me. 🙂 Preference-wise, HK and VN are about equal. Like I said, I struggle with things that challenge my Western perspective. Today it was getting physically pushed by people and bumped into for no reason. I know it’s “no big deal” in Asian culture, but it’s really hard for me to get used to. In the US we’d throw down.

  1. I was there there til age 19, and we lived in the “expat village” as you put it 😉
    As to the side-walk etiquette of South East Asia, guess I was born into it so it doesn’t bother me that much, though I’ve been living a city with around 300K people for a long time now, so who knows maybe the crowds will bother me next time I get swept up

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