I’m not changing the name of this blog!

Shanghai was/is my next Asia destination, but first let’s go to Peru!

Open-ended. Play-by-ear. My college roommate, Fiona, lives there with her family and invited me to come stay for a few weeks. So I bought a one-way flight and will spend the next few weeks poking around Lima for work. If I find something I like, I’ll stay. If not, then…next!

Proof of onward travel. According to the internet, one needs “proof of onward travel” for Peru. Well, I’m going one-way, so this image I created with my combyutah will have to suffice:


I’m not really returning June 10. (You can see how some of the numbers aren’t aligned properly…but it’s a helluva forgery!) Whether I actually need “proof of onward travel” remains to be seen. As I understand, it depends on my appearance and the immigration officer I’ll get. By “appearance” I mean that various countries usually have trouble with a particular foreign nationality and as long as I’m not that “type”, I won’t have to show anything. But in case that’s incorrect or in case “American” is the nationality non grata, I’ll have something to show for myself.

So when am I going? Er, um… I’m already here, but am behind on blogging (just by a few days.) I have to tell you about the California desert and a couple random things (like this song) and then I’ll show you Peru!

100th follower! Hey, as I was typing the previous sentence, I got my 100th follower: Gaming Grad! If his blog looks familiar, it’s because we both use the same template: Fresh & Clean by WPExplorer.

So where the heck is Lima, Peru? Here:

peru map

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