Kuala Lumpur with Mathias and Eefje

Saturday, February 2: For my one full day in KL, I decided on a city tour for about $23. It includes: Thean Hou Temple, Malay Village, National Monument, National Mosque, National Palace, Little India Brickfields and the Batu Caves.

I stuck with Mathias and Eefje, a Dutch couple taking 3 months off their jobs to travel Australia via camper. (She pronounced her name “Eh-via.”) They’ve just started their trip and have a few days in KL before heading down under.

Eefje tells me about all the postcards she has to send, especially one to her grandmother whose 90th birthday they’ll miss. Browsing one of the gift shops, I think of how fun and unexpected it would be, for me to send her grandmother a postcard. Eefje gets to check it off the list and Oma gets a surprise from a stranger.

In a fun piece of family drama trivia, Mathias’s first kiss was with Eefje’s sister when they were both 12. While we’re at the National Palace I give her my camera and say, “Take a picture of Mathias and me like we’re a couple!” Eefje laughs, “Just don’t kiss him!” I ask, “Why, because then you’ll think I’m your sister?”

Hope you enjoy the photographic highlights and that they make you feel like you were there too. Only thing that’s missing from the photos is the stifling heat. Upper 90’s, quite humid, with the sun blazing.

Click on any pic for a closer look or to launch slideshow-style.

5 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur with Mathias and Eefje

  1. Forgive me, but WHERE have you been?! No emails, no comments, I didn’t know where you’d gotten off to. Nice to see you blogging finally. Don’t make me worry like that. *sigh* Lottie

    • I haven’t found a way to do stuff AND blog at the same time, but I’m working on it. Been running around like a crazy person since I left Vietnam on January 31. (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Texas and now Colorado.) Thanks for watching out for me, Miss Lottie. I will send you a meaningful message shortly.
      p.s. I don’t know what I mean by “shortly”.

  2. That’s a fun blog. We had a great day with you in KL. To finish your story: my grandma loved the postcard, she still tells everybody she meet about a stranger from America who sent her a card.

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