Mekong Delta Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!

I left Saigon early Saturday morning for a 2-day Mekong Delta tour. Then Sunday, on to Tra Vinh (also in the Mekong Delta) to meet my coworker-friend, Nhung, in her hometown. Here we are at her aunt’s house today:


I’ve met plenty of people and taken lots of pictures over the past 3 days. Hopefully I can sort it all and get it posted soon.

Nhung and I have Monday and Tuesday off work. Christmas has been in Vietnam for the past 15 years or so, as the country has become more international and open to outside influences. Throughout Saigon, you can see Christmas trees and elaborate Christmas lights everywhere, along with hammer/sickle decorations that also come out this time of year. Here’s one spanning the street close to my hotel here in Tra Vinh. A little blurry – I didn’t want to hang out in the middle of the street too long.


Photo essay: Bundled Up. Temperatures here in South Vietnam are in the 90s every day, so I’m impressed with the locals’ ability to stay bundled up in the name of sun protection. Here’s a series of photos I took from my tourbus from HCMC to Mekong Delta.


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