Omigosh, it’s BOB!

Bob’s an editor in San Francisco I used to work with. Last Friday, look what popped up in my homefeed on facebook: Bob in Saigon!!!

My comment was something like, Holy crap, Bob. Are you HERE?

Here he is, indeed!

I met up with him and his friend, Dan, at Dong Pho Quan Hue, a place I can’t find any reviews for online. Just this little blog entry.

Dong Pho Quan Hue • 57 Ho Xuan Huong St. • District 3 • Ho Chi Minh City


I was so happy to see Bob!


He’s visiting his friend, Dan, who’s lived here off & on for 20 years. After dinner, we 3 rode on Dan’s moped back to my ‘hood and hung out for a bit.


Forget Lonely Planet I was telling Bob & Dan about a place listed in my Lonely Planet guide which was pretty bad. (The 4th place here.) He said they’d just compared a Lonely Planet from 1995 and that the listings were often the exact same! It’s Trip Advisor for me from now on.

I asked Bob what his biggest surprise was here in Vietnam (aside from running into me!) He said, “WiFi everywhere, super-friendly, so different from 20 years ago, amazing food and a kind of western normalcy that seems new to anyone over 30 over there.  Dug it.  But way too damn hot.”

Wait, what? 20 years ago?!

Bob came to Vietnam in 1993 too! Here are some pics he gave me from back then.


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