Obamney 2012: Day 2: Hey, I’m out there!

I spent all morning and afternoon thinking Romney must’ve won. Now, with bedtime looming, my gut tells me Obama won. Most of the time it feels like the election didn’t even happen. First thing I want to do after I find out: watch The Daily Show for November 7th! (I miss Jon Stewart.)

And FYI, I’m not all holed up in Rob’s place watching old movies on TCM. No siree, I’m out there! Today I went for a swim, video-chatted with my sister, ate at Lau Pa Sat then wrote this post about it, walked around Marina Square Mall and got myself a shirt and some Share Tea (had the guy take my pic here below), and stopped by The Bank where I had a beer and talked to this guy for TWO hours.

Toni’s originally from Nigeria, but has lived in SIngapore for 6 years and Dubai for a year before that. We talked about relationships and Singaporean girls 100% of the time and US politics 0% of the time. Seems Toni is attracted to high-maintenance types who cause him plenty of drama down the road. From what I understand, the ideal woman for Toni would have a hot ‘n’ slutty appearance, a good head on her shoulders, a stable, consistent disposition and not really be interested in other guys.

That… sounds like a person who exists.

Good luck out there, Toni! Just don’t get ’em pregnant and thanks for not mentioning the US election!!

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