Obamney 2012: Day 1 Under My Rock

Wed afternoon 12:30p (Singapore time)  Just got the email from my sister in the language we agreed on: “It has been decided.” I replied, “SHUT UP! OMG. So no controversy? No recount? No Supreme Court ruling?? Man, I gotta stay off the internet!! Ack! I hope it’s Obama. If not, I’ll pay you back the $150 we lost. DON’T GIVE ME ANY HINTS!!!” She replied, “Three main media outlets are confirming the same result. No concession phone call yet. That I know of.”

You gotta give it to her for bland neutrality.

Just a few hours ago, the last words I heard about the election were “neck and neck,” so I’m really surprised there’s no recount, injunctions, or grand dramatic gestures to drag this thing out a few months.

I’m just imagining the hissy fit that last night’s loser’s side is throwing right now. I was forwarded this great article on why “our identities have become increasingly intertwined with our political affiliation”. More than ever, US politics feels like a sideshow. Or maybe it’s just textbook, ratings-fueled show business. I blame the media.

I’m on semi house arrest here at Rob’s, waiting for an electrician to show up to fix the washer. “Game Change” is on HBO and my yogurt-granola late-breakfast is in my belly. I had an 11am interview that got canceled, so I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go.

5pm Rob just texted and said the electrician’s on his way – after I waited here all day. Whatever. I just went downstairs to Sumo Salad and got late lunch/early dinner. Walking through one of the sidewalk cafes I overheard a Western guy very clearly say, “…this’ll be November 26th…” He could have just as easily said, “…the next 4 years with [Romney/Obama].” But he didn’t. So I’m still in.

7pm The electrician’s gone and Rob’s home. They seem equally unlikely to bring up the American election. I’m not even sure Rob knows there was an election. Even though he’s from the US, after 20 years in Singapore, he’s really uninterested in everything in the US. This is also his last year as an American citizen, which is interesting. But really, why keep paying taxes to a place he’ll never live in again?

7:24pm Ack! Rob just goes, “Did you get my fb message about the copywriting job in Kuala Lumpur?” I said I hadn’t been on facebook today. “Well, write her because she’s expecting you.”

So I very, very carefully logged in, squinted my eyes blurry and made it to my messages while blocking ads along the right with my hand. (Yes, they’re usually ads to become a social worker or some crap, but I can’t take any chances!) I saw that my friend, Paul, wrote me. But he can be mischievous, so I didn’t look at what he said. For a split second on my homefeed, I saw that one of my most outspoken liberal friends, Mike O., had just posted a status, but I did not read it! I assume it was political, but he also lives in NJ and is still homeless thanks to Sandy, so it could have been about that.

I got in, got Rob’s message, and got out! Pretty proud of myself. Oh and hey! I hear they’re hiring in Kuala Lumpur.

On to Day 2!

Here’s the balcony view from this morning around 7:30am. It’s worth noting that I didn’t edit this photo at all, just cropped it a little. I love how the ships appear darker than the water.

One thought on “Obamney 2012: Day 1 Under My Rock

  1. I for one am glad to have a president with working-class roots. Although, I will say that the “bar” has been lowered quite a bit when a former sitcom star who once desecrated the national anthem ends up in the White House.

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