Vietnam Visa: 3 weird things

weird thing #1

One can get a Vietnam visa one of two ways: either online or from the local Vietnamese Embassy. I called the embassy here in Singapore and they said to bring $80 SGD ($65 US) and 2 passport photos and it’d take a week. Online however, it’s $20 US + $25 at the airport when I arrive.

So hm… let me think. I can venture out (about 7 miles) in this humidity to the Embassy and pay almost 50% more, or I can stay here on the couch with the cat at my feet and apply online.

weird thing #2

A couple days after applying online, they email you a letter to print and bring with you to Vietnam, along with your passport photos and your $25. Look at the 2nd page! How should I feel about having all these people’s names, passport numbers and birth dates (and them having mine)?!

They basically just took everyone who was cleared on that day and slapped us all on a letter together. [Note: Contrary to how it looks, I didn’t just post a bunch of people’s info on the internet. I took about an hour to change quite a bit of it in photoshop.]

weird thing #3

They clearly scanned some paper and typed over that image. Are they trying to make it look like an actual scanned letter? Because it looks fake as hell. Very strange. Why not skip the scanning and just build a document without the scanning?

Here are my passport photos. At first I thought I looked like a little homicidal, but I guess they’re ok. I was instructed to not smile or part my lips. So here I am, not-smiling and lips together.

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