Buying contacts in Singapore: Awesome

In June, I left Ohio with a year’s worth of contacts. Right now, half of ’em are at my sister’s and well, the remaining half will be gone soon enough.

In the US, I can’t buy more than a year’s supply at a time. (Which, after the accidental rips, snags and whatnot, don’t even last me a year.) And each year I have to undergo a new exam just to get a new order.

Why the lockdown, American contacts-people? Why can’t I just buy new contacts as I please? It’s not like I’ll develop a dangerous addiction to contacts. I’m not going to sell them on the black market or get children hooked on them.

So I asked an eye place at Marina Square Mall here in Singapore what would be involved to get my hands on some sweet Air Optix. Soon as I brought in my prescription (on my current box), boom! Four new boxes ordered. And I see they’re cheaper than 1-800-contacts! They’ll take a week or two to come in, but I’ve got time.

2 thoughts on “Buying contacts in Singapore: Awesome

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