Mexican Food in Hong Kong: el Taco Loco

The term “Tex-Mex” would be more accurate here, but I’ll take what I can get. While I won’t be sitting down to chiles rellenos or tamales anytime soon, Taco Loco filled the Tex-Mex shaped hole in my belly last night.

I found El Taco Loco at #4 on this list, located close by, at the mid-levels escalator. (Very close to Life, F.A.B. and Classified.) The tortilla chips were nice and salty and seem to be freshly-made. The carne asada was a bit tough & chewy, but not impossible. I was happy the tacos came in corn tortillas (and not flour.)

Small-but-not-crowded, the Mexican music was playing softly, so it’d be a nice place to go with a friend or two for some comidas, bebidas and conversación.

The chips, 3 tacos and Corona were $4.80, $10 and $4.50 for a not-cheap-but-not-horrible total of $21 (after the 10% service charge, which means no tip’s expected.)

El Taco Loco • 9 Lower Staunton Street • (Off Central Escalator) • Central •  Hong Kong • tel: 2522 1239

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