What Is LKF? (video!)

Lan Kwai Fong is that part of HK where loads of expats dress up, meet up and drink it up at all hours, every day of the week. Of course, this can be plenty fun at times – meeting people and talking/drinking all night. Just for me, Saturday wasn’t one of those nights.

After the boat/junk trip, a number of them went straight to LKF to continue drinking. I went to my hotel to shower and drop my stuff off first. By the time I joined them, I found myself in the classic sober-person-with-a-bunch-of-drunk-people situation. I showed up just as one of the gals from the trip was being bounced from a bar for being too drunk. Meanwhile, another gal was at a hospital getting her head stitched up after some pavement managed to open it for her.

One of the guys was being too touchy-feely for my liking (and not relenting when I let him know), so I ducked out and shot this video from above the street. (Standing in the same spot, I pointed the camera in one direction, then the other.) And yes, that’s a Rihanna song. I feel it goes perfectly with LKF. (Sorry about the ad; it has to do with using that Rihanna song. I haven’t monetized or anything.)

In the bar, a pretty Asian gal was doing a really good job singing all kinds of covers, from Stevie Nicks to Gwen Stefani. People were actually taking pictures of themselves next to this Lan Kwai Fong street sign. (I guess it’s not that weird…)

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