I won’t be sprouting a political brain anytime soon…

I was thinking about what Chip said about free speech in Hong Kong versus “other places” and found this chart on censorship by country. Most of the ones who beat out the US are in Northern Europe, but not all (St. Lucia and Jamaica?!) Lower number means less censorship. US =18. Hong Kong = 33. Singapore = 68. China = 84.

This Press Freedom Index puts the US way down at #47 in terms of freedom of press, just 7 spots better than Hong Kong. And check it out: there’s actually a country worse with press freedom than North Korea!

Although I’m curious about how different systems work (or don’t work) and I like hearing different perspectives, I’ve never been politically outspoken (or even politically-minded.) After googling “censorship in certain-places-I-might-be-visiting-soon”, I certainly won’t be changing that.

Check it out:

So buckle up for more food, friends, photos, interviews and occasional mild complaining that’s not at all related to any governments in the least!

One thought on “I won’t be sprouting a political brain anytime soon…

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