Holy crap, this kid is going bananas.

It’s almost 11pm and the kid next door has been throwing a tantrum for about 3 hours now. I’ve been busy chatting online, reading gawker, and even watching an episode of Here Comes Honey B- …er, an American reality TV show, so I’ve been distracted and not really paying attention. I just looked up and realized it’s been 3 hours. The screams are too muffled by the walls to be picked up over video, otherwise I’d tape it and upload it for ya.

Who knows what’s wrong with him; could be anything. His nanny told me he’s autistic, in case that factors in. All this nonstop screaming is making me think: I’d feel so trapped right now if I were stuck with that kid. What do you do if you can’t shut your own kid up? You can’t muzzle him, drug him or pawn him off on someone else. I guess you just wait him out?

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