Classified on Hollywood Rd.

Hollywood Road is the “Ho” of SoHo here in Hong Kong, lined with Western-style restaurants like F.A.B., Press Room and Classified. The food’s fine but overpriced compared to $5–$8 HK meals you can get pretty much anywhere. Sometimes I just want something other than noodles/dumplings-roulette or steamed kai-lan (which I get almost every night on my way home for under $2.)

Classified’s just a 10-minute walk from my hotel, so I trekked out and decided on the triple cheese ravioli and some wine for about $25. (Way too expensive to do regularly.)

There’s a large, square, wooden table just inside; each side is almost 5′ long. It seems to be cut from one piece of wood – I don’t see any seams in the top. It’s pretty substantial like oak or something. Matching bench.

The ravioli was a little better than it looks. Wine was ok. Service was fine. [yawn.]

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