Hong Kong Cityscape

At first I thought it was an illustration. Here’s a stunning photograph of Hong Kong taken from Victoria Peak that I found here. I live/work amid the pile of buildings at the far left. Across the water is where Jessica and I went shopping Sunday.


**UPDATE** January 10, 2013

Just spotted this one from this cnn article. Also hard to believe it’s a photograph. Here are 3 different crops of the photo that Tyson Wheatley took with his (very) smart phone:

tyson wheatley

Tyson Wheatley1

Tyson Wheatley2


He writes, “[It] was taken during a hike above the skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island. Menacing storm clouds were looming over the harbor and skyline, but rays of sunlight were bursting through. I used two apps, Filterstorm and Snapseed, to enhance and flush out the colors. The end result looked something I imagine Armageddon might resemble. Not quite real, but stunning, to me at least. A place where magic and reality meet.”

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