Ka Wai See Hair Salon: wash & blow dry $10

I pass this hair salon on the way to work. $58HK is about $7.50US and $78HK is exactly ten bucks. What could they be offering for just $10?  I snapped this pic to ask my friends at work what it says.

As it turns out, the $58 and $78 are for a wash and blow dry! ($58 for short hair. $78 for long.) So I went in and tried ’em out. I’m out of shampoo anyways, and don’t want to risk it with the hotel shampoo. (Yet, I’m willing to risk it with these guys’ shampoo which wasn’t even labeled.)

The guy doing my hair seemed pretty into it. He reeked of cigarettes – got a pic of his Marlboro Reds peeking out of his cargo pocket. Here he is in action with news coverage of the Empire State Building shooting going in the background. You can see my hair right when he finished and again after I got home and put a little product in. (Wash and blow dry doesn’t include any product.)

Overall, it was a great deal for $78HK (ten bucks US.) And my hair didn’t even smell like smoke. Now to find some shampoo…

Here’s the outside:

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