100th Post!

100 posts in 6 weeks! To celebrate, I’ll write a quick, concise, overall HK update!

Work‘s been busy, but good-busy. I waited with Chip until 9:30 last night while she finished her huge pile of work. We had to lock up and the stupid door lock is near the floor. (What genius thought of that?!) She was having trouble locking it, so while I held the elevator I took this pic:


I am not making fun of Bennett‘s accent here, but one of my favorite things at work is when Bennet says “social”. (Something that comes up quite a lot when we discuss social media.) He says, “sho-sho.”

There’s no real language barrier for me here since everyone speaks English (thanks, British people) but I can’t help but notice and pick up a bit of the yippity-yip going on around me. Also, I sit across from our Chinese copywriter, Rico – he has a nice way of explaining Chinese in general.

I think I figured out why some people (American friends before I left and a certain astrologer I overheard recently) think Hong Kong is in Japan. Because of King Kong. Think about it: King Kong –> Japan. Hong Kong –> Japan.

**UPDATE: I mixed up King Kong and Godzilla! Theory destroyed. **

Hong Kong is supposed to be in China but: 1.) money is HK dollars 2.) HK laws, based on English common laws 3.) HK Olympic team 4.) capitalist economy 5.) stuff I don’t even know about. It seems like even less a part of China than Puerto Rico is a part of the US. (Just looked it up: they use US dollars in Puerto Rico. Who knew?! Probably everyone but me…)

I don’t love this hotel. It’s clean and comfy, but the walls are so thin. At first my neighbor was an old man who sounded like he had tuberculosis. Hacking cough from morning to night. Now it’s a toddler who likes to scream. And shriek. And squeal. Bringing earplugs was genius on my part. Btw, I’ve never liked the marshmallow earplugs. These are mine: Howard Leight Fusion:


Some things remain a mystery; like why I can’t take pictures some places. I’ve been viewing some other hotel/apartments to maybe move and I viewed this one last weekend and they wouldn’t let me take a pic of the room! I took out my camera and the guy was like “oh, no pictures!” I asked him if I rented the room, could I take pictures then and he laughed.

Then Sunday, after F.A.B., Ian and I went to G-Star where I tried on these $230 jeans. (You know, just to see…) I was taking a pic of them on my body in the store’s common-area mirror, and a clerk comes up all, “Sorry! Sorry! You can’t take pictures.” Geez, what are they afraid of?!

The one I snapped in the dressing room is better anyways:


They’re a bit acid-washed for my taste but hoo boy, they felt great. I guess that’s what you’re buying for $230.

I catch myself wondering how long I’ll want to stay here in HK. At one end of the spectrum, I daydream about a whirlwind tour I could take if/when I come back to the US in October/November. (LA, SF, Austin, Ohio, Boston, NYC.) On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes I think I could stay here 20 years like this guy. (Skip to 0:25 if you’re in a hurry.) No one says I have to go back to the US in 2 months. When my 3-month visa runs out, I could just go to Singapore for the weekend or something. I see r/t flights there are about $80.

I definitely miss the ease of just hanging out with whomever and knowing where places are. I’ve only been here 3 weeks, but it feels like months already.

Leave a comment! Ok, you don’t have to.

So much for quick and concise.

8 thoughts on “100th Post!

  1. Congrats on the 100th post. I’ve read them all! Doesn’t feel like 100 (because reading 100 posts sounds boring). But they’re not boring at all! So you must be a pretty good writer. Oh and totally stay. I’ll visit in December.

  2. Thanks, ladies. Sometimes I feel lazy and wimpy and just want to do familiar stuff. You know…breakfast tacos, Seinfeld reruns, maybe pop into a TJ Maxx.

    • Thanks Curtis! I’m so glad friends are reading. Trying really hard to not get long-winded and keep the pics coming.

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