A-little-of-everything Saturday.

Here’s a video of what my commute home would be every day, but the trams are always so packed I just walk. It’s only 10 minutes; maybe less. Hope it’s not too boring. I’m trying to think of cool videos to make.

This is Ian from work. The other person is Phil Collins. I took this pic today after lunch.


He’s staying 2 just floors below me so we went and ate pho (Vietnamese) this afternoon at a place close to our hotel:


You’re looking at: 1. coconut water – basically just a coconut with the lid lopped off and a straw stuck in 2. crab spring rolls 3. vegetable soup & chicken pho and 4. the little bowl I made for myself with sriracha. (Lea, I found your sriracha!)

This all was about $20 US. ($160 HK.)

I wanted to tag the restaurant in this post because it was really good, so I looked it up on google maps. It’s Halong Bay. Here’s the street view if you’re interested:

3 thoughts on “A-little-of-everything Saturday.

    • Yeah. 🙂 I thought Ian looked like Ben Kingsley and he was like, “Have you seen Phil Collins lately?!” This Phil Collins pic looks the most like Ian, so used that as reference.

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