Breakfast and lunches.

Rico brought in a bag of bread for his breakfast again today and he let me take a picture of it. (I wanted to get a pic of him and the bread, but that’s where he drew the line.) I told him I’d just never seen anyone eat plain bread like that before. He started telling me about how sweet and tasty it was – he even gave me the slice you see here. It was better than I expected, but would be so much better toasted with some butter or nutella on it. (I actually said this and the girl who sits next to Rico was like, “yeah, that would be way better.”) Kind of an odd breakfast, no?


They’ve got a huge notebook full of lunch menus at work and every day a group of them pick out a place to order from. Each lunch so far has been between $5 and $7.  I’ve been getting whatever the most popular thing is and here’s what that’s looked like:

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