My sister’s bored, everyone. Hopefully this’ll help.

Woke up to this in my inbox this morning from Evelyn:

It’s true; I’ve been a little preoccupied with the whole going-to-work then sleeping for an unusually long time. Also Ian, the bald guy from Australia, gave me the first 3 episodes of Newsroom, so I’ve fallen asleep the past two nights watching the first episode. It’s not bad, I’m just tired or something.

It’s 10:30am and Rico Poon (the guy who took my desk, actually) is sitting across from me, eating a small bag of sliced bread for breakfast –plain, unadorned, sliced bread. My coworkers eat a ton of carbs: white bread, donuts, muffins, etc. I’ll try to get some pics. A group of girls get lunch delivered most days and I’ve gotten in on that action. It’s not awesome food, but definitely edible. And just under $6. Pics coming soon.

I’ve seen some interesting eating. It could just be my coworkers, but there’s a lot of loud smacking and mouth-full talking. Bennett likes to put as much food in his mouth as possible, and then commence talking for several minutes. He seems to do the majority of his talking with something in his mouth. Often, he stores the food in his right cheek until he’s done explaining. I’ve got to get a video of this…

It’s been raining all week which sucks because I don’t have any shoes that are that great for rain. I want some mid-calf rainboots, but I’m freaked out by shopping here for some reason. About 8 HK dollars per US dollar, so everything feels super-expensive. Yesterday I popped into an H&M and balked at how everything costs hundreds of dollars (albeit Hong Kong dollars.)

People walk slowly here. I’ve never been accused of being a fast walker, but holy crap. On the sidewalk, I pass everyone. Even on their way to work, everyone just seems to be strolling. I need to somehow get a video of this too.

I don’t love my hotel. August 12 I can move someplace else and I was eyeing this place on airbnb:  This place also looks interesting (and pretty inexpensive). May as well stay in the $2k/month range while the company’s paying. (The 60-West is an outrageous $2,300 a month.) I can get cheap later on with my own money.

Let me know if there’s something you’d like to hear about or see! (And I won’t post your message if you don’t want me to. 🙂 )

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