Big Bus Tour Day 1 (Sunday): HK Island and Kowloon

It’s touristy, but probably the best thing I could do to figure out where the heck I am. $45 gets me 48 hours of hop-off/hop-on (“You’ll be getting some hop-ons”) privileges. Plug in the headphones they give you, choose your language, and learn stuff like:

• Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world (twice as many as NYC.)

• More billionaires than anyplace. (I would have thought someplace in Saudi Arabia…)

• 260 Islands. Under British rule for 150 years until 1997.

Some pics from the tour: Tallest building here, enormous 2-story apple store, Amway store!, random pics and a dog roaming around as he pleased with no collar. I named him Markie-Mark.

Here, check out this map of Hong Kong. I’m staying near “central” where the bus tour started. The tour ended across the water in Kowloon:

At 8pm every night there’s a “Symphony of Lights” automated light and sound show that happens near where I’m staying. Click here to see the last few seconds I shot just for you.

3 thoughts on “Big Bus Tour Day 1 (Sunday): HK Island and Kowloon

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